Sweeteners for Diabetics, which one should you take?

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Sweeteners for Diabetics, which one should you take?

There are many safe sweeteners available in the market today. These substances have the advantages of being sweet, having no nutritional value and not giving energy. For diabetics, these substances can be consumed instead of sugar. But should be taken to a minimum by comparing the sweetness should be equal to the amount of sugar you are allowed to take.

However, each type of sweetener has its advantages and disadvantages are as follows.

Aspartame Sucralose Stevia (Stevia)
200 times sweeter than sugar 600 times sweeter than sugar 300 times less sweet than sugar
Chemical Synthesized Chemical Synthesized Natural extracts (Stevia)
Used with drinks Should not be used for cooking as it is not heat resistant. Causing loss of sweetening properties Can be used for cooking That can be cooked over high heat without a bitter taste Can be used for cooking in high heat
Moderate price Moderate price High price

When knowing the differences of each sweetener People with diabetes can choose to consume properly for good health

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