What kind of symptoms does Alzheimer's have? Can it be cured?

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What kind of symptoms does Alzheimer's have? Can it be cured?

Dementia Syndrome is a regression in brain function caused by the loss of brain cells, starting with one of the six areas of advanced brain function:

  1. Concentration
  2. Thinking, decision-making, and planning
  3. Memorization
  4. Language
  5. Dimension Relations
  6. Social responsibility

If one of the six brain functions either loses its function or reaches a level affecting the patient's lifestyle. We call this condition "Dementia".

How many types of dementia are there?

There are two main types of dementia:

  1. Groups that cannot be cured, such as Alzheimer's disease, are one of the most common causes of dementia.
  2. A group that can be treated better, such as dementia caused by abnormal thyroid function or caused by having more water in the cerebral cavity than usual, or caused by bleeding in the cortex.

Is Dementia and Alzheimer's disease the same?

Many of you may be skeptical or confused about whether dementia and Alzheimer's disease are the same diseases. Dementia is not the same as Alzheimer's disease, but Alzheimer's disease is one of the main causes of dementia.

  • What kind of symptoms should I suspect of dementia?
  • Decreased language comprehension The language is not used correctly. You may stop talking in the middle and don't know what to say next, or repeat yourself, and you may say less.
  • Confused about time or place, how can I forget where he is now and how he came to that place?
  • Can't do activities you've done before, such as forgetting how to change your TV channel.
  • Impaired in awareness or learning new things It is not known what this is for, nor can it distinguish its taste or smell.
  • Impaired management and decision-making, not daring to make decisions or making mistakes frequently.
  • Impaired daily routines such as bathing, dressing Can't go anywhere alone.
  • Personality changes such as depression, sluggishness, anger, ingenuity without an obvious cause, hallucinations, paranoia.

Risk factors affect dementia

There are a variety of risk factors for dementia, including avoidable and inevitable factors:

  • People over 65 years old
  • People with underlying diseases such as diabetes, pressure, fat, because these dres may cause stroke and cause dementia.
  • Those who like to do something repeatedly eat the same food, go to the same place, have the same activities.
  • Patients with chronic and untreated depression
  • People who do not socialize, such as sleeping on TV at home, prefer to be alone.

Dementia can be prevented

If you don't use your brain at all Brain muscles will shrink and eventually decline. Therefore, the brain should be stimulated to work on all 6 areas by doing frequent brain training activities such as

  • Should not be at home alone. Should do activities or hobbies that you enjoy.
  • Learn a new language or something such as a third language, cooking, art class.
  • Engage in social activities that interact with others, such as volunteer clubs.
  • Do aerobic exercise, yoga, and the like

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