Biplane, an innovative diagnosis and co-treatment of atherosclerosis

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Biplane, an innovative diagnosis and co-treatment of atherosclerosis

The treatment of patients with vascular disease has been carried out with x-ray machines for proper diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases. Biplane Digital Subtraction Angiography (Biplane DSA) is another innovation that increases the potential to treat vascular diseases such as stroke, coronary artery disease, abdominal artery disease and arm and leg artery disease to be more effective and safer, as well as reducing the amount of contrast agent that patients receive and reducing the time spent on the procedure.

Principle of operation of Biplane DSA

The Biplane DSA has a similar principle of operation as a computed tomography machine (CT) but it is capable of imaging two planes of blood vessels at the same time: front and side. The resulting image is sharp, allowing the doctor to clearly see a very small vascular catheter. It is like seeing a picture in 3D, making it possible to treat complex and coiled vascular diseases. In particular, stroke and other vascular diseases like a spinal cord arteries, abdominal cavity and coronary arteries. This requires a small amount of contrast agent that patients receive and reduces the time to perform the procedure.

Highlights of the Biplane DSA

  • Shoot in two planes at the same time, front and side.
  • High quality, sharp images with very small veins clearly visible.
  • It provides a virtual image, a 3D image which allows to clearly see the pathology of the veins in different parts.
  • Reduce the risk and side effects of the test by injecting the contrast agent. As a result, patients are less exposed.
  • The doctor makes the diagnosis more convenient. It is fast and corrects the disease immediately. This makes the treatment of vascular diseases safer.
  • Especially diseases that require timely diagnosis, such as stroke, coronary artery disease, etc.
  • Increase confidence in the results of the examination. Enhance the potential for effective treatment.
  • The treatment of vascular diseases suitable for the patient can be selected.
  • The duration of surgery is reduced.
  • The patient recovers faster.
  • Shorter hospitalization periods.

Biplane DSA Machine Increases Treatment Efficiency

With the potential of the machine Biplane DSA that can clearly take vascular imaging. Allows doctors to perform procedures for treating stroke patients by quickly inserting a small vascular catheter at the desired point, such as patients with cerebral thromboembolism. The doctor inserts a catheter to the area of the blood clot and inject a small amount of blood thinners to dissolve the clot directly. This allows blood to circulate to feed the brain in time.

In patients with cerebrovascular disease or cerebral stenosis, it can be used by using balloons or stents to amplify the spots. It also increases the effectiveness of the treatment of patients with symptoms of stroke aneurysm. Cerebrovascular nevus disease or Cerebrovascular leaks using abnormal vascular fillings or vascular support stents.

Biplane DSA has a special software designed specifically for medical examinations that can generate 3D images of blood vessels, virtual images, computed tomography images, and navigational vascular mapping images, allowing a doctor to measure, calculate, and assess the location of vascular abnormalities. The software can process an image to show the circulation comparison, and the distribution of blood in the brain in both normal and abnormal distribution, both before and after the examination, in order to increase the confidence in the treatment for the doctor, making the examination more convenient and streamlined. After the procedure, the patient takes a few days to recover and can return to work or continue his or her normal daily life.

What diseases can the Biplane DSA machine help with?

Biplane Digital Subtraction Angiography (Biplane DSA) diagnostic and treatment of vascular diseases such as ischemic stroke or acute blockage. Stroke aneurysm Abdominal vascular disease. Arteriosclerosis of the arms, legs, and angina or blockages.

It is also used to help treat cancer patients, especially if cancer treatment is needed directly into the cancerous lump, such as liver cancer, or in patients with abdominal bleeding. The doctor can insert a catheter into the injection or hemostatic agent at the point of bleeding making it safer for patients.

Nakornthon Hospital, with a team of doctors specializing in various fields, together with various medical personnel and Biplane DSA machines, makes evaluation and treatment faster for vascular surgery. This makes the treatment of vascular disease accurate, effective, safer, and gives patients a better chance of returning to normal or close to normal life.

Dr.Korrapakc Wangtanaphat Dr.Korrapakc Wangtanaphat

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