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Sleep Test

Sleep Test is a measure of quality of sleep in normal manner, with the following measurements:

  1. Breathing is a measure of the breath that enters and exits through the nose and mouth along with measuring the movement of the chest and abdominal muscles that are used for breathing. This is to find out if there is any sleep apnea. What kind of sleep apnea? How unusual or dangerous is it?
  2. Percentage of blood oxygen saturation is a test to find out that during sleeping; if the brain and heart are lacking of oxygen.
  3. Heart rate is to test to determine the heart rate during sleeping.
  4. Snoring: is to check if snoring does occur. How loud is it? if it occurs all the time and what posture cause snoring.
  5. Sleeping position is an examination to determine snoring or breathing disorders in each position.

The group that recommends for sleep test

  • Obese people and children, BMI> 25
  • Snorer

Snoring Statistic

  • Age 30-35 years, men snoring 20%, women snoring 5%
  • Age 45-60 years, men snoring 60%, women snoring 40%

Symptoms found/taken

include snoring, dizziness, headache, irritability, fatigue, low concentration, falling asleep while driving, worsening memory and falling asleep during a meeting.

Snoring ... is a disaster more annoying than the noise

  1. regular snoring causes disturbance to people around
  2. snoring with respiratory obstruction; unregulated snoring; snoring and stop breathing. When there is apnea, arterial oxygen levels may need to be higher than normal. May wake up at night causing ineffective sleep.

How to know if having sleep apnea?

  • Feeling of not having sufficient sleep although the number of sleeping hours are sufficient
  • wake up in the morning with headache
  • Feeling sleepy and doze off during the day
  • Irritability and personality change. In children may have poor learning, unhealthy and wetting, etc.

Factors that increase snoring and respiratory obstruction

  1. Weight gain because more fat accumulates in the upper respiratory tract. Thus, the airway is narrow.
  2. Age: Muscles in the upper respiratory tract not able to contract as getting older.
  3. Male
  4. Alcohol and certain drugs depress the body's response to hypoxia and carbon dioxide retention and causes the muscles of the respiratory tract to dent easily.
  5. Smoking causes inflammation, thicken and more phlegm in the respiratory tract.
  6. The face structure such as flat cheek bones or small chins that regress backwards.
  7. Nasal diseases such as allergies, nasal polyps, deviated nasal septum and rhinitis
  8. Thyroid hormone deficiency

Sleep Test Preparation

  1. Wash hair before the test without putting oil or conditioner on hair. This is because the device which attach to the scalp needs to be on the area that free of oil in order for the graph to be clear and can read the sleeping level correctly.
  2. Do not apply powder or cream on the face, neck, and legs so that the device can stick on the areas all night.
  3. Do not drink tea, coffee, or alcoholic before the test. This is because the quality of sleep will be abnormal. Except in the case of regular drinking and requiring to inform the doctor before the Sleep Test.
  4. Do not take laxatives or sleeping pills before the test because it will cause intermittent sleep tests. In those who take laxatives and sleeping pills may lead to abnormal sleep. Except in the cases where the doctor allows.
  5. Drugs that are regularly taken by patients, such as antihypertensive drugs and other medicines, can be taken as usual and inform staff every times.
  6. The hospital will make an appointment for results collection and consult the doctor at least 3 days after the test.
  7. Contact and make appointment at Ear Nose Throat Centre (ENT)

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