Shoulder pain, the sore shoulder should not be ignored

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Shoulder pain, the sore shoulder should not be ignored

The shoulder joint is an important part of the body just like the knee. Because it can move in all directions and has a lot of flexibility. There is an interaction of various components that allow us to move or fully use our arms to perform various activities. If the shoulder joint is injured or cannot be used, it will affect daily life. So, if chronic pain or pain in the shoulder joint occurs you should immediately see a medical professional for diagnosis and should not be untreated.

What are the causes of shoulder pain?

  • Accidental injury causing the muscle to be torn, broken, or dislocated tendons.
  • Improper use of the shoulder joint Causing a loss of tendons and muscles or a torn shoulder joint.
  • Bone deterioration muscles and tendons are easily injured and common in the elderly.
  • Bacterial infection with tuberculosis.
  • Abnormal shoulder diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, gout, etc.
  • Abscess tendon, which when seen through an X-ray it will look like white limestone around the shoulder joint.
  • Shoulder bags
  • Shoulder pain, coming from elsewhere or nearby abscesses such as bone deterioration Abdominal muscles, abnormal gallbladder, myocarditis, liver disease, cancer, etc.
  • Frozen shoulder is more common in the elderly. When having shoulder pain and the patient won’t be able to move the shoulder joint for some time, this may cause fibrosis in the joints and tissues around the shoulder joint. It also causes atrophy in the muscles and become weak making it difficult to move

Shoulder pain treatment

  • During the acute period, you should avoid using the shoulder joint, by refraining from lifting heavy objects and moving the arm or shoulder in a position that causes pain. You may use a sling around your arm, but you should not stop using your shoulder for a long period, as this can lead to a stiff shoulder.
  • When the pain is severe, apply a cold pack, the cold can help relieve the pain.
  • Heat compress using a hot water bag, warm towel if there is mild pain. It will help the blood flow better.
  • Taking pain relievers and muscle relaxants to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Doing physical therapy and movement management during the pain period. This is done by using the asymptomatic arm to move the affected arm. A posture that the body can endure pain or have physical therapy by bending the joints
  • Ultrasonic massage

Surgery is performed when treatment for some time has not improved. Which may be caused by a ligament tear Or muscle

Shoulder exercise (In case of a stiff shoulder joint)

1. Shoulder Rotation
ท่าบริหารข้อไหล่ หมุนข้อไหล่ Standing slightly lower. (You may use the other hand to hold the table to support yourself) or lie on the bed and let your arm hang straight down. Make circular rotation, about 10 turns, then rest and repeat 10 times.
ท่าบริหารข้อไหล่ เคลื่อนไหวไหล่ทุกทิศทาง 01 2.1 Raise your arms to the front, elbows stretched straight, raised until the shoulders are always raised, hold and count 1-10, repeat 10 times.
ท่าบริหารข้อไหล่ เคลื่อนไหวไหล่ทุกทิศทาง 02 2.2 Raise your arms to the back, elbows stretched straight, lift as high as possible, hold count 1-10, repeat 10 times.
ท่าบริหารข้อไหล่ เคลื่อนไหวไหล่ทุกทิศทาง 03 2.3 Raise your arms sideways, stretch your elbows straight, spread your arms as much as possible until you tie your shoulders, hold them and count 1-10, and then put your arms down and attach your body repeatedly 10 times.
ท่าบริหารข้อไหล่ เคลื่อนไหวไหล่ทุกทิศทาง 04 2.4 Close your arms to your torso, bend your elbows, set your hands straight ahead, turn your shoulders as much as possible, hold them and count 1-10, and turn your arms around as much as possible.
3. Hoisting port
ท่าบริหารข้อไหล่  ท่าชักรอก Take the rope through the overhead pulley to the front. Use the hands to hold the ends of the rope. Then use the non-painful arm to pull the rope down to raise the affected arm, raise it as high as you can, hold for 1-10, then slowly lower the rope. Repeat 10 times.
4. Posture of lifting wood
Posture of lifting wood Start with fairly heavy wood, 2-3 feet long, and easy to grip. Lift your arms straight and elbows straight in front of you. Use both hands to hold the staves so that their arms are parallel to each other.
5. Finger-to-climb the wall
ท่าบริหารข้อไหล่ ท่านิ้วไต่ผนัง Standing facing the wall, about 1 foot away from the wall, place your hand on the wall and use your fingers to go up the wall as high as you can reach. repeat 10 times, marked. The next day try reaching higher than before. Do not tiptoe or tilt. Do again using the other arm
ท่าบริหารข้อไหล่ ท่านิ้วไต่ผนัง
6. Posture with a cloth to rub your back
ท่าบริหารข้อไหล่ ท่าใช้ผ้าถูหลัง Use the hand to hold the towel or loincloth on your back. Using one hand below and the other on the top, use the hand above to pull the fabric up as much as possible, hold for 1-10, then switch with the lower hand to pull the fabric down as much as possible, hold for 1-10, do 10 rounds, and alternate with the hand above. Change to touch the bottom of the fabric and the bottom hand grasps the cloth above using the top hand, pull the fabric up as much as possible, and hold for 1-10 counts for 10 rounds.
7. Using the weight pack
ท่าบริหารข้อไหล่ การใช้ก้อนน้ำหนัก From the shoulder rotation, hold about 0.5 kg of the weight, let your arms down comfortably, swing your arms forward, backward, and rotate in circles for as much distance as possible. Do 20 rounds once a day, holding these weights will help your arms. This causes the muscles in the joint and loosens it.
Shoulder exercises should be started after the pain subsides and start a small number of times and do it in the first position. If you don't have pain, you can do it all. Treatment for shoulder pain may take time to heal. and requires constant management of the shoulder joint, therefore should follow the doctor’s advice who does the treatment strictly for your benefit.

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