Injection into the spinal cavity to stop back pain without surgery

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Article by : Dr. Teerachat Tanasansomboon

Injection into the spinal cavity to stop back pain without surgery

Most often, back pain is caused by inflammation within the nerve cavities and where the nerve roots are located, which may be caused by a herniated disc over the nerve inflammation of joints. When the nerve is inflamed, it causes back pain. Pain along the muscles that the nerves go to, such as back pain, buttock pain, leg pain along with numbness, these symptoms can be treated by injecting medications into the nerve to reduce inflammation and back pain.

What is an injection into the spinal column?

Spinal column injection is a non-surgical way to relieve symptoms of back or neck pain. Most are injections of a combination of corticosteroids and anesthetics. Injected into the spinal cavity or near the area of ​​pain. This is done by using a mobile X-ray machine called fluoroscopy to check the correct position of the needle and confirm the position by injecting contrast dye.

Spinal column injection help reduce swelling, inflammation of the compressed nerves. Improves the flow of blood vessels to the nerves in the spinal column. Nerves collapse and swelling from inflammation, thereby improving the patient's back pain. The injection will also help reduce numbness and weakness caused by nerve inflammation.

Which diseases can be injected into the spinal cavity?

Can be used for both herniated disc, stenosis, spinal degeneration or spinal nerves and hip pain syndrome radiating down the leg from other reasons. The results of treatment for herniated discs are usually better because herniated discs have a chance of spontaneous healing.f

Who is it suitable for spinal cavity injection?

This method is especially suitable for patients who do not wish to undergo spinal surgery or are at high risk from surgery, including:

  • People with pain until they are unable to perform normal daily life.
  • People with pain that interferes with sleep
  • Patients who are unsuccessful from other treatments such as oral medications and regenerative medicine.
  • Patients with indications for spinal cavity injection.

Procedure for injection into the spinal cavity

The doctor will insert a small needle by an x ray to inject the medication. Then the patient will be monitored for 30 minutes. For safety, there should be someone to take the patient home and rest for at least 24 hours after, for some patients, the steroid will work for a few days. Typically, the effect of intrathecal injections lasts about 3-6 months.

Spinal injections are most effective when combined with physical therapy and/or a home exercise program to strengthen the back and neck muscles. For patients whose pain has been relieved, additional treatment or surgery may not be necessary.

Prepare before and after injections

The injection provides up to 70% reduction in pain relief. It generally lasts for 3-6 months, and most symptoms improve within 1 week after injection. The response to intrathecal injection therapy depends on the severity of the compressed nerve from herniated disc, including patient behavior and patient behavior. If the patient continues to return to work, lift heavy objects and sit on the floor, do the laundry, plant trees, or lift things incorrectly. It will make the back pain will recur. Symptoms may improve only during the injection or medication only.

However, back pain have a chance to recur because it a deterioration process of the body. The injection can be repeated according to symptoms. If the disc herniation is large and there is a lot of compression on the nerve or having difficulty urinating or urinary incontinence, your doctor may also consider treatment with endoscopic surgery to remove the part that has pressed on the nerve.

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