Back pain radiating down the leg How dangerous is this pain?

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Article by : Dr. Sittipong Suttiudom

Back pain radiating down the leg How dangerous is this pain?

Back pain is a common symptom for all ages. But it is more common among working people and the elderly. This is caused by many factors, such as repeated gestures. age-related deterioration of joints, injuries from accidents, etc., back pain in the general population can be relieved within 2-4 weeks, but if the back pain comes back and forth, and some days are accompanied by back pain that radiates down the leg. This type of pain may be a warning sign of spinal disease. If left for longer, symptoms may become severe.

Back pain radiating down the leg

It is a pain in the lower back (waist) that radiates down to the hip area and burst into pain in one leg or both. By the nature of the pain there is no obvious pain point. There may be pain until the legs are numb and pain until legs are both weak. In the early stages, symptoms are often related to posture, use, such as pain only when sitting for a long time, standing for a long time, driving for a long time, when lying down the symptoms will improve. When there is more pressure the pain may increase to the point of constant pain, back pain, severe leg pain and inability to straighten the leg.

Causes of back pain radiating down the leg

The most common causes of lower back pain include:

  • Myositis when the lower back muscles are injured from repetitive manipulations or accidents, the muscles are severely contracted. Sometimes there may be pain radiating down to the hip and leg pain, but usually there is no leg pain until the leg becomes numb or leg pain until the legs are both weak.
  • Intervertebral disc herniation> caused by herniated disc causing compression of the nerves that come out of the spinal orifice. When this bone presses on the nerve, there will be a sharp pain radiating down to the leg. It may rupture from the back or waist down to the leg pain as well often have symptoms in a sitting position or having to sit and bend forward, which is the position where the cervical disc receives the most pressure. This disease is more common in working age.
  • Spinal degeneration caused by age-related deterioration of the vertebral joints causing the bone to grow or move over the nerve resulting in pain until the leg pain follows mostly found in the elderly.

This kind of pain is dangerous and should see a doctor immediately

When back pain radiates down the leg, recurring pain for 2 weeks in a row, assume that your pain may be more dangerous than you think. And if these symptoms are accompanied by, severe pain at night, can't bend the ankle, leg pain, leg numbness and leg weakness clearly, leg atrophy, loss of appetite and rapid weight loss, uncontrollable excretion or inability to urinate, etc. you should see a doctor for an urgent diagnosis.

Diagnosis of back pain radiating down the leg

For the diagnosis of back pain radiating down to the leg the doctor will be able to diagnose mainly by taking a history and physical examination. Additional tests may be done to confirm the diagnosis, such as computed tomography (CT scan) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Treatment ranges from taking medicine injections and physical therapy until the surgery. This will depend on the severity of the disease. Nowadays, back pain that radiates down the leg can be treated with surgery and technology that is precise and safe from an endoscope through a small surgical incision. The patient therefore loses less blood and muscle injuries are reduced and recovery is faster than conventional surgery.

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