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Common problems encountered during the rainy season includes conjunctivitis. Infectious causes of the conjunctivitis include bacteria, viruses which results in red, itchy and painful eyes. Children are at a greater risk of infections from illness.

How does conjunctivitis spread?

  1. Having contact with infectious tears, large respiratory tract droplets or share contaminated towels
  2. Having contact with dust, contaminated water
  3. Physical contact with insects
  4. Excessive rubbing


If it caused by virus, your white eyes may feel irritate and turn to the red color. There are tears around the eyes, eye discharge caused bacteria. Lymphadenopathy, red eyes starts from one eye side then spread to the other side within 1-2 days.


  1. If you are infected to this virus, there is no specific treatment for conjunctivitis
    • Eyes drop only for infectious eyes to stop the infection
    • If your eyes hurt or irritated, you are suggested to take pain killer such as Paracetamol
    • Severe eyes infection, the doctor will prescribe eyes drop
    • If there are many eyes discharge, use the wet cotton to clean and rub round the eyelid
    • Wearing glasses to protect sunscreen
    • Do not use the cloth to cover the eyes or wearing contact lens
    • Do not rub the eyes and have some rest to maintain good health for eyes, the condition will be recovered by 1-2 weeks
  2. If there are eyes infection caused by bacteria, the antibiotics will be suggested. Do not using eye drops without first talking to your doctor. As it may be steroid-containing eye drop


  1. Wash hands with soap and water
  2. Avoid touching face & eyes of your own and the patient
  3. If there is any dust, insect come inside your eyes, please clean the eyes by clean water
  4. Keep yourself and your personal belongings clean such as towel, pillow and mattress clean.


If you get conjunctivitis, please avoid swim in the public pool and avoid working for 3 days to protect the spreading and take some rest.

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