Treatment of depression with TMS technology

Center : Neurology Center

Article by : Dr. Roongthip Chaiteerakij

Treatment of depression with TMS technology

Depression is a psychiatric disorder that affects quite a few people. Some people do not realize it. Causing inappropriate and untimely treatment, which if proper treatment is received this disease will be mitigated. Return to be a person with a clear mind and be ready to do the same routine. People suffering from depression have changed quite a lot. Major changes in mood, feelings, thoughts, behaviors, along with various physical symptoms.

Today, Thai people are suffering from depression more. The cause may be stimuli resulting from life in rapidly changing socially and economically conditions. Causing stress, conflict, separation, loss, etc.

Causes of depression

  1. Chemical disorders in the brain. The chemicals in depressed patients are significantly reduced, causing interoperability deficiencies.
  2. Heredity if someone in the family has ever had depression, you may have the opportunity and the risk to be as well.
  3. Coping with stress Believe that experiencing difficulties in life without being able to set up, will result in stress, such as unemployment, money problems, love, the loss of our loved ones. Which e all of the above are causes of depression.

How do I know I am suffering from depression?

  • Depression all day long, hopeless, empty, feeling sad or easily irritated. Anxious
  • Inability to bring self back to normal
  • Losing interest in hobbies or activities
  • Being chronic for 3 months or more

Other physical symptoms such as loss of appetite, weight loss, insomnia, restlessness, or eating better are out of control. Even if you don't want to eat.

Guidelines for the Treatment of Depression with a TMS Brain Stimulator

TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) is an alternative treatment for depression, coupled with consulting with a medical professional or taking brain chemical balancing medications. It was found that TMS technology can help reduce depressive symptoms. This is especially true in patients with severe or drug-resistant symptoms. There are side effects of taking medications such as nausea, vomiting, headaches, nightmares, more than that, depression, unresponsiveness after taking medication or taking anti-depression medications for more than a year.

This TMS technology sends electromagnetic waves to stimulate the brain 1-3 centimeters deep in disease-affecting areas to balance the brain's work, causing changes in the electric current in the neurons in that area. In depressed patients, there was less than normal left hemisphere brain function or more right hemispheric brain function. Wherein treatment with TMS technology will help adjust the brain function to normal, which is an alternative to the treatment of psychiatric disorders that is safe.

TMS technology takes only 20-30 minutes per session, with brain and neurologists assessing how many sessions to take and the frequency of treatment per week. Once done, you can go home without needing to recuperate at the hospital. It does not cause any injury or pain. While treating patients TMS technology treatment is another interesting treatment option. Because both are safe and have no side effects and besides being able to cure depression, other neurological diseases such as Dementia, paralysis, cerebral vascular paralysis, Parkinson's, obsessive compulsive thinking, can be treated with this method.

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