Sports shoulder injuries Let it be a big deal

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Sports shoulder injuries Let it be a big deal

Exercise or playing sports requires movement and use of muscle power more than usual, such as tennis, badminton, which involves a lot of force from the shoulder joint. Therefore there is a greater risk of injury than usual, which may be a chronic injury from repeated use of the shoulder joint. Whenever your shoulder starts to hurt or not able to cross your hands back completely, Can't reach your back or severe shoulder pain indicates a problem in the shoulder joint and should see a doctor for treatment.

How does the shoulder injury occur from sports?

The shoulder bone is a joint wherein the head is not very deeply situated in the socket. It is connected with tendons and ligaments fastened around the shoulder. This causes the shoulder to slip more frequently than any other joint in the body. Shoulder injuries are often caused by trauma or a direct impact, such as falling and hitting the ground or indirect impact, such as falling, then put your hands on the ground and apply heavy impact on the shoulder joint. Dislocation or repeated use of the shoulder joint hurling or throwing a ball violently, causing a surge of muscle or shoulder tendons that may be dislocated or torn as well. Sports that are at risk of a shoulder injury, are tennis, swimming, baseball, badminton, basketball, volleyball, softball, etc.

Shoulder injury.

Symptoms that occurred after a sports accident, can occur from inflammation of the muscles in the shoulder joint. Often there is a pain in the shoulder joint with pain in the muscles. As well as tearing the shoulder ligament, which can lead to pain in the front and side of the shoulder. Tendons may rupture and you may not be able to raise your arms normally. They tend to have a lot of shoulder pain when lying on their side. If the tear is large The patient can not raise his arm. Feeling numb and weak in the arms due to the atrophy of the muscles around the shoulder joint.

Diagnosis of sore shoulder joints.

เInitially, the doctor will perform a physical exam and ask for the initial symptoms. To diagnose the cause of pain in the shoulder joint, such as activities that were performed before the symptom. The nature of the pain frequency and duration of symptoms. Also, the doctor will perform additional special diagnostic tests, such as x-rays and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), for an accurate diagnosis and correct treatment.

Shoulder injury treatment.

Treatment depends on the severity of the shoulder pain. If diagnosed, it is just muscle inflammation or tendons around the shoulder joint and still be able to move at some point of motion and gestures. It will be treated by resting the shoulders and arms. Together with taking anti-inflammatory medications, hot and cold compress. In some cases, different forms of physical therapy may be performed. To make the shoulder blades move more. But in the case of patients with severe symptoms, extreme pain, unable to use the shoulder blades, or caused by an injection of the shoulder ligament. The condition may need to consider shoulder joint surgery replacement. If you want to return to normal shoulder use.

Laparoscopic surgery to treat a torn shoulder joint.

The treatment of shoulder tendons can be performed by laparoscopic ligament repair surgery. (Arthroscopic Surgery) where the surgeon opens a small incision and uses a 4 mm camera to look inside the shoulder joint at the lesion. The resulting images are transmitted to the monitor in the operating room. Allowing doctors to see different parts of the shoulder. Before using another tool to help grasp and stitch the torn tendon. The incision caused by endoscopic surgery will be 3-4 small holes, 0.5 -1 cm in size.

The advantages of laparoscopic surgery.

Able to record the details of surgery by still image or a video. Let the patient collect for the benefit of the treatment later. The surgical incision is small. Reduce shoulder muscle injuries, patients will have fewer postoperative injuries. It takes a short recovery time and has a lower chance of infection which the patient will be able to return to the normal daily routine.

Take care of yourself after surgery.

After surgery, the patient will need to wear an armband and perform physical therapy as prescribed by the doctor for a period of 5-6 weeks to wait for the shoulder tendon to repair and heal. Typically, the tendon surgery success rate is approximately 90%, depending on the surgical technique and the condition of the broken tendon. The duration of the pain will completely heal is approximately 5-6 months after surgery. However, physical therapy should be performed to prevent postoperative shoulder distress.

If injured from playing sports or observe yourself and find that you have a risk of injury to the shoulder. You should see a doctor immediately for a diagnosis, and get treatment ASAP. Which endoscopic surgery can help treat the underlying cause that helps endure pain and able to return to normal movement and doing various normal daily activities.

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