Lift heavy things beware of Fibrosis pressing against wrist tendons

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Article by : Dr. Nithiwut Pinsiranon

Lift heavy things beware of Fibrosis pressing against wrist tendons

Believe it or not, housekeepers who use their wrists do household tasks regularly. Whether it's heavy lifting, twisting laundry, washing by hand, gardening, or even doing a knitting hobby, there's a risk of fibrosis pressing against the wrist tendons! Therefore, to prevent the occurrence of this disease, Let's get to know the disease better.

What is fibrosis pressing against the wrist tendon?

De Quervain's disease, or "wrist tendonitis," is inflammation and narrowing of the sheath of the tendon on the wrist area on the base of the thumb. In general, from the wrist structure, we have two tendons that govern the work of the thumb. The ligaments have ligamentous membranes, which work to keep the tendons flowing in the sheath. When the tendon sheath becomes inflamed or swollen and presses on the tendon, it can cause pain and radiates to the thumb.

Causes of fibrosis pressing on the wrist tendon

Caused by repetitive use of the wrist and thumb such as picking things, twisting fabric, gardening, knitting, lifting heavy objects, and even those who work in carpentry and musicians are at risk of acquiring. This disease can be found in both men and women at any age but most often occur in women aged 30-50 years, pregnant women, diabetic patients, including rheumatoid arthritis patients have a greater chance of getting this disease.

Symptoms of cuff tendonitis

Patients will come with pain around the wrist, the base of the thumb. It may occur gradually or immediately. The pain will rupture in the arm and become very painful, especially when handling objects or using the thumb, swelling around the tendon at the base of the thumb, or maybe numbness on the back of the thumb and forefinger.

Treatment of wrist tendonitis

  • Stay active, avoid too many hand activities.
  • Using a splint or wrist support along the base of the thumb.
  • Taking pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs, such as NSAIDs.
  • Heat compress, cold compress, ultrasound.
  • Steroid Injections (Steroid)
  • The surgery will be performed in cases where the pain does not improve. Which will cut separate the tendon cover.

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