Fluid injection to help lubricate your knee, to prevent knee pain and osteoarthritis

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Article by : Dr. Nithiwut Pinsiranon

Fluid injection to help lubricate your knee, to prevent knee pain and osteoarthritis

Injecting fluid in the knee to help lubricate and cushion the joint, is another method of treating osteoarthritis, wherein this disease is caused by cartilage erosion , articular surface caused by aging, weight, or an accident. When the articular surface is worn out there will be friction causing joint pain in the knee joint which is common in the elderly.

Patients who have osteoarthritis, will have the initial symptoms of recurring pain when resting the knee. Pain relief and more pain follows when the joints are used more often. In the very severe cases, chronic pain, stiffness, immobility, deformed knee joints, swollen knee, enlarged or in some cases the leg is arched. There are several treatments for osteoarthritis, depending on the patient's symptoms. Replacing the old worn out knee surface by injection of water to lubricate the surface of the knee is one of the methods of treatment. What is the fluid to lubricate the knee surface? How is the treatment? How much can it help? Let's find out.

Lubricating the knee joint.

Usually, the synovial fluid that nourishes the knee works like an oil that lubricates the bone to move smoothly. But people with osteoarthritis, the articular vitreous is reduced in concentration and flexibility due to hyaluronic deterioration, cartilage quality, and articular surface destruction. Causing pain, swelling, inflammation in the joints and difficult movements.

Features of fluid injection for knee surface lubrication.

Fluid to lubricate the knee surface is an extract of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which is the main ingredient in normal vitreous fluid. For this reason, the water lubricates the skin of the knee joint. Therefore, it has properties like those that occur naturally in body tissues. Injection of fluid will help adjust the quality and balance of the fluid content in the joints. This makes the joints better and has anti-inflammatory effects in the joints. The use of this drug may delay knee replacement surgery.

When do I need to lubricate my knee?

The doctor will recommend the patient to lubricate the knee surface. In the middle-stage osteoarthritis group or those who are unresponsive to medication-based treatment. For those who have not yet had surgery. By injecting fluid to lubricate the knee surface is effective for about 6 months - 1 year depending on the severity of the disease and the health care of the patient.

How to apply water to lubricate the knee joint surface?

Once the doctor has diagnosed the treatment that he or she can lubricate the knee surface, it can be divided into 2 types.

  1. Small volume will be injected into the knee with pain once a week for 3-5 weeks, divided into 1 or 2 injections per week, depending on the severity, after the injection reduce pain in the joints, the patient can move normally.
  2. 2. Macromolecule or spraying water to lubricate the knee's surface in a Single Shot method by one time injection, but this can reduce pain and inflammation for 3-6 months which is convenient for patients to travel and reduce the risk of infection or side effects from injection as well.

Recommendations after fluid injection to lubricate the surface of the knee joint

After the injection of fluid to lubricate the surface of the knee. The patient will be able to perform normal daily activities, but should avoid walking a lot for 2-3 days as this is the time that we are taking care of the joint recovery. Therefore should take care of the knee. Usually, injections of fluid to lubricate the knee joint will not have any harmful side effects. May find only pain, swelling, redness like general injections. Which will disappear by itself or you can use a cold compress to help them heal faster. And after the injection, you should rest the knee joint for at least 2 days.

An exception for treatment of the knee

This kind of treatment is not for everyone. Because if the patient's knee has been infected before or has a skin disease in the injection site. The doctor will consider alternative treatment instead. In addition, patients with severe osteoarthritis are not recommended for injection. Because the results from the treatment will not come out as expected.

When the patient has been treated for osteoarthritis by injection of fluid to lubricate the knee surface. You will need to take care of other areas, such as weight loss, knee recovery exercises. In order to provide the most effective treatment and bring back a better quality of life.

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