When the knee ligament is torn and left for a long time can risk premature osteoarthritis

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When the knee ligament is torn and left for a long time can risk premature osteoarthritis

One of the most common injuries following an ankle injury is a torn knee ligament, especially for athletes who are active in sports such as football, basketball, and badminton, for example, and not just athletes. This condition can happen to most people as well. If exercising or doing activities with twisting movements, collapse, fall Including a severe impact on the knee.

The importance of the tendons

The knee ligaments are strong tissues that connect the joints. The tendons support and hold the joints together while moving, whether standing, walking, or sitting. Anterior cruciate ligament and posterior cruciate ligament, which is in the position of the cross in combination with to act relatively. The anterior cruciate ligament serves to stabilize the knee joint. Control the balance of the knee while you run, jump, or sudden change in direction of movement. If you move in the wrong position or received a serious impact, the likelihood of injury to the anterior cruciate ligament also occurs.

A torn knee ligament

When the knee ligament is injured there will be severe pain and swelling around the knee. Cannot walk on weight or have severe pain and unable to bend the knee due to bleeding in the knee joint when left untreated, the symptoms may improve gradually, but there are often symptoms when doing activities where the knee may be twisted, such as brisk walking, running or playing sports, etc. Can be divided into 3 levels as follows

  • Level 1 is an injury with a thin tear of the tendon. Will bleed a little, your doctor will give you medicine to relieve the pain. Muscle relaxants and require you to wear a knee brace or do physical therapy And temporarily refrain from using the knee.
  • Level 2 is characterized by a knee injury, there will be a partial ligament tear. Causing difficulty walking, difficulty walking, pain, swelling, pain, bruising The doctor will consider with the patient whether to dissect or not. If not having surgery, rest or put on a cast
  • Level 3 is a knee injury, ie with a ligament tear. Need to be treated urgently The doctor will recommend surgical methods, suturing, repairing ligaments, or creating new ligaments.

Is the knee ligament torn, do all people need surgery?

If there is a torn knee ligament Able to use daily life normally But may cause knee dislocation In activities requiring a twist of the knee For those with anterior cruciate ligament fracture It is a risk factor for injury to knee discs and knee cartilage. Which will cause premature osteoarthritis Non-surgical treatment It is suitable for the elderly who do not want to do activities that use their knees as much. And able to adjust their behavior to suit the knee that cannot twist violently.

Treatment of torn knee ligament with knee arthroscopic surgery

Endoscopic surgery to treat a torn knee ligament Modern surgical technology Will make the wound small, hurt less, recover quickly, easy to take care of With ligament repair surgery Or create a new tendon By replacing the tendons from other areas The surgeon opens a small incision and uses a 4 mm camera to look inside the knee where the torn tendon is torn. The resulting images are transmitted to the monitor in the operating room. Allowing doctors to see different parts Clearly in the shoulder joint Before using another tool to help grasp and stitch the torn tendon. The incisions arising from endoscopic surgery will be 2-4 small holes, 0.5 -1 cm in size, depending on how many lesions the patient has.

After knee ligament surgery

After surgery And after the wound has healed Start exercising the muscles around the knee. By choosing muscle management The knee does not need to add weight, such as swimming, as well as physical therapy to bring the knee back to normal motion.

However, knee ligament rupture can happen to anyone. If when injured Or have any of the above symptoms Should come to see a doctor early. For proper treatment and behavior.

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