Working hard after curling up with a stiff back Occupations at risk of spinal disease

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Article by : Dr. Sittipong Suttiudom

Working hard after curling up with a stiff back Occupations at risk of spinal disease

"Oh my back!" Many people have probably gone through this ordeal and often say this. But it's really hard to figure out why. There are many factors that causes back pain. It is most common in working-age people and can occur in various occupations with repetitive behaviors or routines, whether from sitting in the same position for a long time or standing for a long time, and if left untreated, it will cause symptoms. Let's see what professions are at risk of developing a spinal disease.

  • Office workers ,professions that have to sit in front of a computer for a long time, such as graphic designers,Accounting staff, writers, designers and office workers. In addition to sitting for long periods of time, there are also inappropriate postures such as hunchback, cross-legged, bent back, wrapped shoulders, or raised shoulders. When there is a continuous load of the spine for a long time, when getting up from a chair and straighten the spine immediately causing friction and it will start having degeneration. The body then produces bone that grows out of the joint, sometimes the bone grows too large that it squeezes the nerves, causing pain in the lower back.
  • Flight attendant Especially women who wear high heels throughout their working time to have a good looking personality, sitting, walking or standing for a long time on the plane, including helping carry bags exerting heavy lifting, may have a negative effect and the most common symptom is back pain. Including shoulders and neck aches.
  • A driver ,driving long-distance delivery, many people experience back pain problems. Because while driving, it is causes prolonged muscle contraction in the back in the same position. The curvature of the back curves upward while sitting. With centrifugal force on the road surface and using the foot on the gas pedal and always hit the brakes. Make the back muscles more active.

  • Athletes although the athlete's body is strong training hard on a regular basis Which are at greater risk of developing spinal disease than other occupations due to an accident that may occur It can also cause the joints to quickly deteriorate.
  • Jobs in service in department stores and restaurants , a store clerk who has to stand for a long time to sell merchandise, cashier, waiter, cook or receptionist in a hotel, standing in the wrong position will cause after the spine alignment and cause problems.
  • Job that requires to carry heavy loads ,courier porter in hotel because of lifting heavy objects on a regular basis. This includes lining to another side often, especially when lifting in the wrong position and lifting too much weight will hurt the spine without knowing it.


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