Check your bowel health at the age of 50+ with "colon cancer screening endoscopy"

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Check your bowel health at the age of 50+ with "colon cancer screening endoscopy"

Although colon cancer exact cause is still unknown, but there are some factors that may increase the risk of developing this type of cancer. That is the personal lifestyle and change in diet, such as the introduction of more western foods such as bakery, steak, very sweet foods, greasy food, and eating less fruits and vegetables, as well as the environment many people have to face, such as stress from work, and insufficient rest, another factor are inherited genes.

Colon cancer is a preventable cancer, and health screening is the best method to help prevent colon cancer and able to discover tumors that have the potential to turn into cancer, it is advisable to start screening for both men and women at the age of 45-50.

Endoscopic examination to screen for colon cancer

Colonoscopy examination to screen for colon cancer is an international standard screening test. By criteria of the Association of Gastroenterologists the United States has required all 50-year-old males and females to be screened for colon cancer by colonoscopy, but if there are parents or direct relatives with colon cancer, you can use the principle by taking the relatives age then minus 10, for example, the mother had colon cancer at age 50-10 = 40 years, so the child must have colon cancer colonoscopy at the age of 40 to detect any abnormalities that may occur. and recommend checking every 5 to 10 years.

Reasons for colon cancer screening (Colonoscopy)

Colon Cancer Screening Colonoscopy will help visualize the entire colon and can collect suspected tissues for examination. By providing accurate information, to do this, the doctor uses a special camera that is a long tube. Inserted through the anus to pass into the colon Allowing doctors to see various details Throughout the large intestine and the tip of the small intestine, in addition, the doctor can cut a tissue sample to be examined directly.

What is detected through endoscopy?

  • Hemorrhoids
  • Enteritis
  • Polyps
  • Bulging from the large intestine (Diverticulum)
  • Tumor
Most colon cancer arises from polyps, which are abnormal cells growing from the intestinal wall. This will increase over time with age, polyps will gradually change into more serious tissue. If you leave it for longer, but if detected early and eliminated then it will stop the transition to cancerous.

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