5 first aid steps for the pain in the chest

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5 first aid steps for the pain in the chest

Angina from ischemic heart is often associated with hard work, usually it lasts for less than 10 minutes with the following symptoms:

  • Pain in the middle of the chest or firmly and tightness on the chest tightly. Not to be mistaken as gastritis because you will a stinging pain.
  • May be painful to the neck, jaw or on the left arm
  • It often hurts when exercising and will disappear when at rest
  • Some of them came with a palpitations heart.
  • Some gets easily tired.

First aid treatment for angina

  1. If there is medicine available to relieve pain and angina such as nitroglycerin, immediately give it sublingual (under the tongue) and if the pain is not gone, you can take it every 5 minutes but no more than 3 times.
  2. Lay down with your head elevated, half sitting, half lying down.
  3. Comfort the patient to relieve anxiety.
  4. Limit the activities of the patient from exertion. To reduce the work of the heart
  5. Collect patients medication and take the patient to the hospital.

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