Ms.Phyu Phyu San

I had a test in Myanmar and found a lump in my breast.

I had a test in Myanmar and found a lump in my breast, the doctor said it was cancer. I want to get medical treatment in Bangkok, that is why I came to Nakornthon Hospital. The doctor said the entire breast would have to be amputated by mastectomy surgery.

Medical Treatment here is reliable, the doctor and nurses took great care of the patient, so she was relieved and feel better. The Myanmar staffs are also make everything convenient during medical treatment. We also referred my friends from Mogot and he also came for treatment.

Quality if life after received a treatment at Nakornthon Hospital

After the surgery, there was no pain at all. She can move around like a normal people. It doesn't hurt enough to forget the state of being surgery. All are comfortable to live in. "Because of the effective treatment at Nakornthon Hospital, I am relieved and I am cured."

Recommend for who interesting

Whatever the disease, if ther is a wound, there is a medicine. Early detection and early treatment of general specialist service user is more effective.

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