Ms.Shwe Tin

back pain aside of discomfort in one or more bone

“When the patient meets with doctors, half of my suffering gone. Even I was really pain, when I saw the doctor, I feel like all of my pain disappear.”

One of our patients from Myammar who had a back pain aside of discomfort in one or more bone. Her backbone was hurting especially waist is intensively hurt. She can't sleep usually and the pain affects her daily so much.

How do you know about Nakornthon Hospital?

We knew about Nakornthon Hospital from one of our friends who got the treatment in this hospital. Our friend shared her experience that Nakornthon Hospital provides humanized services, outstanding treatment by the warm-heart doctors. The reasonable price came to my concern. That's why we chose Nakornthon Hospital. Thus, not only my friend suggests this hospital as a trustworthy hospital. Also a sacred monk from Hopone; Sayadaw Vimala who often travels to Thailand also recommends this hospital for us. Sayadaw Vimala also impressed by the hospital's service. He always facilitates and assists the Burmese patient who came for treatment in Thailand. He also recommends this hospital to his community and followers.

How was your experience for medical and service at Nakornthon Hospital?

Since I started my treatment, with their professionalism, they took care of my need during the treatment very well. They tried their best to serve me at every single moment. The doctor and nurses are really nature and kind to the patient, they did not let the patient felt any pressure. Nurses are really good, whenever I'm in need, they come and assist us tirelessly. I was really satisfied with the hospital services. We found that the service is really good, the doctors and nurses gave me amazing treatment.

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