Mrs. San Thein

After surgery, heart function improved, be able to walk longer distance, getting less tired and this makes life better.

“We chose Nakornthon Hospital because everything here is good, the doctors and nurses, the facilities and the service we have received always looking carefully and warmly. I like the service that makes the patients comfortable without being tired. Interpreter is not only an interpreter, but also treats the patient warmly like a family.“

Mrs. San Thein, One of our patients from Myanmar who had has symptoms include fatigue and irregular heartbeat, frequent palpitations. The doctor from Yangon said while taking medicine the condition is not good for long term and can't be controlled, so surgery will be better.

After we tested this patient, we found two chambers of heart are not enough and there is also coronary artery disease. Therefore surgery is mandatory to replace both heart valves. The operation was successful and the results of the surgery were as we expected.

Quality if life after received a treatment at Nakornthon Hospital

After surgery, heart function improved. The patient's symptoms are also improving. The patient herself is able to walk longer distance, getting less tired and this makes her life better.

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