Fibro Scan a new simple, painless liver test technology

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Fibro Scan a new simple, painless liver test technology

FibroScan Technology
Immediate scan for liver health

    FibroScan is a technology used to diagnose liver diseases, specifically used to detect fatty deposits in the liver and liver fibrosis.This method is painlessand has no risk of complications like traditional tests, which requires a liver piercing method, also, it can be examined before you get sick. Because when you check and anticipate the problemthe more effective the treatment will be.

What are the symptoms that wouldindicate abnormalities of the liver

• Have yellow or light yellow eyes, that could indicatean abnormal liver function, it is not possible to remove the substance that causes jaundice
• Weakness, even after getting enough sleep and often having dyspepsia. This is because the liver cannot secrete enzymes used for digestion
• Having a family history of liver cancer because there is a chance that other people will be at high risk with this disease
• Being a chronic alcoholic who has been drinking or currently still drinks because alcohol will damage the liver directly

The fibro scan process is simple and easy

1. The patient must lie on his back on the bed and raise both arms above theirhead.
2. The doctor will apply a small amount of gel on the probe or skin of the patient. This aidsin getting the best results for examination
3. Using a fibro scan tool, measure the center of the liver approximately 10 times at the same spot
4. Wait for the results and the doctor will interpretthe results for the examinee. Ready to give advice which if found to have fibrosis and high   liver fat will be sent to the next treatment process

Is a fibro scanpainful?

    There is no pain or danger or injury when doing fibro scan, it only takes 5-10 minutes, during the test you may feel a slight vibration in the skin when the tip of the probe touches your skin. So for anyone who needs to check their liver health with a fibro scan, you don’t have to worry about it worry about it. It can also be examined repeatedly without any danger

Contraindications for the examination of fibroblasts

1. Do not use to examine other organs - Fibro scans are designed to be used for liver function only. Therefore, should not be used with other   organs, it may cause harmful effects
2. Do not use with people with edema - while having edema,should not be examined with a fibro scan, because the frequency from the device   may promote severe symptoms
3. Do not use on pregnant women - because the fibrous spectrum affects the development and growth of the fetus. Therefore, absolutely should   not be used and should not be near the device during use
4. Do not use on patients with body equipment - In patients requiring body equipment. Do not use fibro scans as their frequency will damage   the device, causing damage or other side effects

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